Newsvendor Game

Inventory management simulation for operations management teaching

The Newsvendor Game

The Newsvendor Game, is a hands-on inventory management simulation that can be used for business school classes at the undergraduate, graduate or executive level. The player assumes the role of inventory manager for a perishable product, who must place an order at the start of a selling season. Students tend to order too much of low profit products and too little of high profit products. This systematic bias, known as the “pull-to-center effect”, motivates instruction in models of optimal inventory management.

Our Newsvendor Game Simulation

The Newsvendor Game admin console is simple to use and allows the instructor to control all aspects of the game flow. Ranking reports show participants how their performance compares to others. Graphic displays of average ordering and average demand facilitate class discussion about operations management techniques that can improve the performance of real world inventory management.

Our Newsvendor Game runs out-of-the-box with tested preset parameters, while allowing the instructor to customize simulation settings such as retail and wholesale prices, good will cost, salvage values, demand distribution and the number of rounds played. The Newsvendor Game is a single player game, making it ideal for on-line courses or for being assigned for homework.

Newsvendor Game Features


Changable experiment parameters for flexible teaching

Participant Management

Manage students, their user roles and access to information

Corporate Identity

Customized landing page matching the corporate identity of your institution


Live monitoring and interference possibilities for all business simulations

Class & Online

No software installation required in the classroom or for homework

Mobile Devices

Use any mobile device to run the business simulations in a browser

Class Management

Manage additional teaching material, online papers or any data inside the platform


Precise insights on participant decisions and debriefing tools

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